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Quadmaster/Quadrunner  Eiger 400/Vinson 500 (04-06)   KingQuad 700
  SUZUKI KING QUAD 250/300  

Ordering Instructions: Select the “Add to Cart” button below to select the product you’d like to order. To order more than one model of silencer, go to each ATV/UTV brand page and select “Add to Cart”. If you need more than one of each, you can adjust the quantity within your shopping cart.

Adapters provide an attachment point for The Silent Rider®. Use the key below to see which adapter is used for each silencer model. Weld-on adapters are included with each silencer. Bolt-on adapters are strongly recommended where available. More information on adapters can be found on the Mounting Instructions page

***Silencer will not work with diesel or 2-stroke engines or aftermarket exhausts (custom fit to OEM exhaust only). Buyer can modify to fit aftermarket exhaust. If riding at altitudes above 6,000 feet send an e-mail to info@atvsilencer.com indicating this so we can modify your order. ***

Shipping Information

Adapter Key:
W) = Weld-on adapter
B) = Bolt-on adapter
N) = No adapter needed
Model Year Adapter Silencer
Part #

500 Quadmaster  

(98-02) W BT-11 $172.00

500 Quadrunner 

(98-02) W BT-11 $172.00

400 Eiger

(02-07) W BT-10 $172.00

500 Vinson

(02-03) W BT-25 $172.00

500 Vinson       

(04-07) W BT-10 $172.00

250 Ozark 

(97-14) W BT-14 $172.00

700 Twinpeaks Quadrunner

(05) W BT-650 $172.00

700 King Quad

(05-07) N BT-15 $172.00

750 King Quad

(08-14) N BT-15 $172.00

450, 500 King Quad

(07-14) W BT-15 $172.00

400 King Quad

(08-14) W BT-10 $172.00

250, 300King Quad/Quadrunner

(88-02) W BT-8 $172.00


(05-06) N BT-44 $172.00

Money back guarantee.  1-866-EXHAUST (394-2878) Our patent No. US 6,640,927
Benz ATV Silencers are the best quiet muffers you can buy for your Suzuki.