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Hello folks,

I just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying the Silencer BT-570 on our Polaris 570 Crew mid-size. It took all of 10 minutes to install. We can now hold a conversation while driving!! Great Product!

Thanks again,

-Tab Kearns, NC



I want to thank you for an awesome product. So pleased with the difference it made. I ordered my Silent Rider Thursday morning and was putting it on the next day at 5 pm. WOW!!!

-Trey, SC



Received my Polaris Ranger silencer yesterday....Wow....what a product. Took it for a long ride after installation. I couldn’t believe the sound reduction achieved and it’s made my riding much more pleasurable. I was a Jet Engine Mechanic in the Air Force many years ago and despite the hearing protection we were issued, my hearing was damaged. High Frequency noise is particularly unpleasant and the exhaust “crackling” drove me crazy. As a result I wore hearing protection while riding, but then I couldn’t hear my wife! Congratulations on a great product.

-Bruce Gary, Wisconsin



Was hesitating at the beginning before ordering it, but it is definitely making a big difference on my 2018 Polaris Ranger. On the 1st day out hunting I ran over a partridge that didn't hear us. We were shocked to see how big of a difference the silencer was making. I have the front and rear glass windshield and it was like a big subwoofer inside there to the point that I was considering removing the back one to lower the sound. With that silent rider I got rid of the subwoofer sound instantly. On the hunting season we were able to compare same year, same model, one with silent rider and one without. It felt like the one with the silent rider was turned off. Completely over loud by the one without it. It is everything they said it would be. Took 5 min to install. 1300 kilometers later Wow. All of the guys want one now. Definitely worth it. Thanks to the Silent rider team for very good product and service.

-Jocelyn Levesque, Canada



Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how happy I am with my Silent Rider.  The difference it made is unbelievable.  I have a Polaris Ranger 500 Crew and before I installed The Silent Rider I couldn't hold a conversation with the passenger in the front without shouting.  Now, not only can I talk to him, but I can talk  in a normal voice with anyone who's riding in the rear seat too.  Also I see deer in the food plots feeding with I drive up instead of flags leaving! Thanks for a great product.

- Rory Randall



The sound is truely amazing! I will recommend it to all of my ATV buddies. Thanks!

- Mark Caspero



My new silencer is AWESOME!!! All of my friends are jealous. Gave out your email out and told them you would be glad to help. Thanks again for a great product. Looking forward to the GenSilencer®!

- D. Edmundson, Arkansas



I am VERY impressed with the sound reduction.

- James Bell, Jr.,



Here is a picture of The Silent Rider® mounted to my ’08 Yamaha Rhino 700. The product works very well and was easy to install.

- Thanks, Rick



Hi Quad Fab Folks! I received The Silent Rider via UPS quickly and I am very satisfied with your product. The muffler is so quiet that I can barely hear it on my 2004 Honda Rancher 350. No more irritating bubbly popping muffler sounds as I idle around the woods where I hunt and tend the cows on the pastures on my farm. Incidentially, I believe my Honda has more power at low end speed now with your muffler, because I tend to defer to second gear instead of first gear. Thank you for a well made and easy to install product. Here is a photo of The Silent Rider® installed on my Honda ATV. You may use my name, this photo and this endorsement.

P.S. I would like your potential customers to know that I initiated this endorsement and will receive no favors or compensation from Quad Fab, Inc.

- Larry Hart, South Georgia



Tom, I made my rounds this weekend doing my deer cameras. The machine was loaded down with food plus my wife went along. There were no issues with power loss at all, and the noise reduction is very good. I had the machine out myself on Sunday, and throttled it pretty good in a few spots. I had no problem getting it up to a good speed quickly. I think it would be safe to say that this latest adjustment is the way to go for the bigger machines like mine. Thanks!




Hello, I recently purchased The Silent Rider® for my Kawasaki Brute Force 650i and I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this device. I no longer have to wear uncomfortable ear plugs while riding. This product does everything it was advertised to do. I will be telling and showing other riders just how good this silencer is!

- Ed Thomas, PA



Recently I ordered and installed the Silent Rider muffler on my Arctic Cat Prowler. In the past I have had to wear hearing protection due to the loud popping of the 650, 4-stroke engine. I am thrilled at new sound of my ATV. No more "hearing protection"!! I am also impressed at the quality of the workmanship of the muffler. The "heat shield" does a good job of keeping things cool in "dry grass" conditions, where a fire isn't something we look forward to.

The muffler bolted on smoothly, with no alterations. It not only works good, it also looks good. I am happy to recommend this product to anyone looking for a way to cut down on their ATV exhaust noise.

- George "Bubba" Hunt
Shadow Mountain Outdoors Productions



Great Product....for my brute force 750.... I am bow hunter and frequently get permission from landowners to hunt.... This makes my ATV even more less obtrusive... and now the engine is what your hear and not the exhaust... Landowners giving permission to hunt are few and far between.... I don't take that for granted.... I know The land owner appreciates the respect I show his property by being a steward and not a problem.

- Randy, Newport News, VA



Ben and Tammy...well its been 2 years since I bought my silencer from yall...and its still doing its job. And I will tell anyone that you all are the best to do business with. I drove up on a game warden and he asked where I came from. Now that's a change isnt it. Again you have a fine product and if its quiet your looking for....You found it here...

- Doug, IL



Ok, I'm impressed! Yeah, the muffler is great and I'll definitely keep it, but what really impressed me was the way Tammy responded (in a timely way) to my email questions, and then Ben followed up with a phone call! Great service, and Ben's input was dead-on. The muffler does a great job. Your service really shines! Call me if you ever need references!

- Thanks again, Tim



I want to thank you for your superior product and excellent customer service. I contacted you a couple of times and was extremely satisfied with your personnel's professionalism and help in answering all my questions and concerns.

During one of the calls, I ordered a ATV silencer for my 1986 Honda TRX 350 and to my surprise it arrived ultra-fast! I was going elk hunting the next day so temporarily installed it on my ATV that has an aftermarket muffler. I was told it was not designed for the aftermarket muffler but decided to try it anyway. The adapter fit perfectly over the exhaust tip and the silencer worked as advertised! It cut the muffler noise at least in half. I will have to get a longer adapter and possibly change the mounting clamps but this will be no problem.

Because of its performance on the louder aftermarket muffler, I can't wait to get another one and put it on my other ATV with the stock muffler. Friends who have heard the difference are astounded by the change and are seriously considering buying one for their ATV's. I would recommend it to all ATV owners with either the stock or aftermarket muffler! You can expect me to order another one in the near future.

-Sincerely, Terry Faber Maj (Ret), USAF



Hi, I want to thank you again for your superb product! I recently purchased my second ATV silencer and installed it on another of my 1986 Honda TRX 350's. The ATV I put it on has a factory muffler and it works even better at reducing the exhaust noise than the first silencer installed on my 1986 Honda TRX 350 that has an aftermarket muffler. It works great on both and again I would recommend it for any ATV with either a factory or aftermarket muffler. More of my friends have witnessed the difference and are seriously considering purchasing one.

Let me say again that I think your product is great and every ATV should have one installed! I like it so well that I have plans on getting two more for my daughters ATV's (also 1986 Honda TRX 350's)! Thanks again for a superb product!

--Terry Faber, Maj (Ret), USAF



Just received my new silencer for my 2008 RZR. I am 100% totally thrilled. It really did a job reducing the noise of the stock muffler. I am also very pleased with the neat mounting system.

-Thanks very much!!.

- Scott Mrosko



Awesome! Sold! By the way, I have seen the Silent Rider in action vs. The Stealth 2.0 on hunting buddies' machines. There is a distinct difference in how the SR quietens the low end "puffing" sounds vs. the other brand. I am very impressed with the SR on my friend's 07 Foreman. The Stealth on an 06 Rhino is Ok, but clearly in second place to SR. Great product! Can't wait to get mine!

- Thanks! Jeremy Gilmore, LA


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I received my silencer muffler on 9-13-2016 for my 2015 Honda rubicon everything was packaged well, I mounted it as soon as I received it, the fit was perfect, it took me about 5 minutes to put it on. The reduction in noise was great, shipping was very fast and communication with the sellers was great, I would highly recommend the product and the sellers. !

- Thank you! Ron



It was with trepidation that I ordered the universal fit model, (never have much luck with them) but I did and I was very pleasantly surprised the installation was fairly simple and the effect is simply amazing as I now hear no exhaust noise, just the motor running, it was much more effective than I thought it would be. Thank you for an outstanding product.

- Ed Miner, MI



Just wanted to drop you folks a line, I installed the product to my RZR 800 with some light-modifications and spent this weekend trail riding here in the mountains of Utah. Absolutely night and day difference in regard to sound levels. Where I used to speak very loudly in order to be heard (especially during hard acceleration), with the Silent Rider I was able to carry on a conversation at normal voice levels. I am very impressed with the product and will highly recommend to anyone seeking to reduce the noise level of their machine.

-Alan Ericson, UT